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Where do you store your data?

Over 90% respondents said worksheets, email inbox, documents, media or some software. And for some it is 'combination of all'



Neekay Features


Neekay is a place to create and store data at-one-place. So fewer documents and lesser emails

Investment in servers, databases, software and maintenance is very expensive.

Neekay takes care of that, and will let you focus on your core business

How do you track your business interactions and communication?

Almost all respondents said, we have multiple tools to track interactions and find it difficult to trace back information



Neekay Features


Neekay groups can be extended to customers, vendors and partners and discussion, calendars, tasks can be tracked

Neekay has great features to get all stakeholders at a single place for collaboration

How much time do you spend searching data?

Respondents said a whopping 60% of work time is used to search data



Neekay Features


Neekay stores data with #tags and is available on all kind of devices.

Neekay #tag search makes all the related data available on any device, anywhere

Neekay Features

  • Groups

    Users can create groups, Inivite people and start discussion. Share documents, set reminders, set calendars and many more

  • Calendars

    Users get calendars for tasks, events. Neekay publishes location specific event calendars which users can import

  • Reminders and Notification

    Neekay generates reminders and notification. Users can set their own reminders just by using #remind

  • Inbox

    Users get all actionable items in their inbox, and possible actions are also suggested by Neekay

  • My Team

    Managers can have quick view of team's activities and can suggest course correction and changes

  • Requests

    Users can send requests such as Leave, out-of-office, help desk using "Requests" module. The requests follow a approval cycle

  • CRM

    Opportuncities, Leads, Customers and contacts management. Sales team target and tracking

  • Human Resources

    Employee File stores data and documents. Leave management, movement register approvals using workflows

  • Project Management

    Get clarity on projects, deliverables, tasks, discussions and decisions. Invite customers and vendors to collaborate

  • Tasks

    Simple task management with timeline, reminders and inter-team assignments. Task discussion and approval log can be tracked

  • Help Desks

    Customer can send requests using help desk. You can configure various product support desk. Help desk is available on mobile

  • Expenses

    Expenses cash voucher submission and approval. Reimbursement workflows.

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